ISPS 2022

The 27th International Symposium on Polar Sciences

Two decades of Korean Arctic research: Looking back to look forward

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ISPS 2022


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The International Symposium on Polar Sciences (ISPS) is annually organized by Korea Polar Research Institute since 1988.
The purpose of International Symposium on Polar Sciences (ISPS) is to bring polar scientists together to provide an international forum
for exchanging and sharing their cutting-edge ideas and research results.


No. Theme Date Program
1st Antarctic Science: Geology & Biology 4-5 NOV 1988 Download
2nd Antarctic Science: Biology, Physics, Geology and
Geophysics, Oceanography
17-18 SEPT 1990 Download
3rd Antarctic Biology and Ecology 24-25 AUG 1993 Download
4th Geology of the South Shetland Island 22-24 MAY 1995 Download
5th Polar Biology: Ecological Processes Related to
Environmental Change
19-21 AUG 1997 Download
6th Recent Progresses in Antarctic Geosciences 18-19 MAY 1999 Download
7th Polar Biology and Environmental Research 25-26 AUG 2000 Download
8th The Role of Antarctic Sciences in the Global
Environmental Research
28-30 MAY 2001 Download
9th Environmental Changes in Antarctica: Impacts and
8-10 OCT 2002 Download
10th Recent Approaches in Polar Earth Science 21-23 OCT 2003 Download
11th Patterns and Processes in Polar Oceans and Life: Signals and
Responses from Molecules to System
8-9 SEPT 2004 Download
12th Explorations of the Polar Seas 17-19 MAY 2005 Download
13th From Molecules to Ecosystem in Polar Sciences: Toward IPY
9-12 MAY 2006 Download
14th Polar Regions in Global Change 15-17 MAY 2007 Download
15th Polar Ecosystem: Biodiversity and Adaptation 24-26 SEPT 2008 Download
16th Polar Exploration with ARAON 10-12 JUNE 2009 Download
17th Physioecological Responses to Climate Change in Polar Regions 26-28 MAY 2010 Download
18th Milestones in Polar Research Collaboration 22-24 MAY 2012 Download
19th Toward Better Understanding of Climate Change in the Arctic 16-18 OCT 2013 Download
20th Our Collective Journey to Connect the Past and Future from
the Antarctic
27-29 MAY 2014 Download
21st Polar Region as a Key Observatory for the Changing Globe and Beyond 19-20 MAY 2015 Download
22nd The Future of the Arctic: Science and Governance 10-11 MAY 2016 Download
23rd Life at the Extremes: Resilience, Adaptation and Application Potential 17-18 MAY 2017 Download
24th 30 years of footsteps in Antarctica: Looking back and looking
29-30 MAY 2018 Download
25th Araon's Journey through the Decade: Findings in Ocean, Earth and
Paleoclimate Science
14-15 MAY 2019 Download
26th Responding to Climate Crisis: Contributions of Polar Science and
27-29 SEPT 2021 Download